Coral Springs is a great City. Let’s build it a great flag.

Families come to Coral Springs for our excellent schools, and many choose to open their business here. Now, Coral Springs needs a flag that reflects its greatness.

Our current flag has the City seal with green and blue diagonal stripes on a solid white background, and small graphic details that are not clearly visible or recognizable from a distance.

A Little History

Our new brand, “Everything Under the Sun,” is a small piece of a much larger marketing effort. This branding initiative was an investment in the future of Coral Springs. Our goal is to have businesses, residents, families, event planners, athletes, and sports promoters re-discover Coral Springs, and the unique experience that Coral Springs offers. No longer the ‘city in the country,’ we want residents, businesses and visitors to view the City as it is – the fifth largest city in Broward County, family-oriented, with a focus on developing a vibrant downtown.

Evolution of Our Logo

Coral Springs was so remote in the early 1960s that all sales literature included a map with directions. James Hunt had a graceful vision for his “City in the Country” and Coral Ridge Properties was the first developer bringing his vision to life. Coral Ridge Property’s favorate moniker for Coral Springs at the time was: “One of the last pieces of gold on the Gold Coast.”

During the 1980s, Coral Springs was one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. A Coral Ridge Properties sales brochure from that time emphasizes the natural look of the Coral Springs, particularly the “green canopy of tropical plants and trees.” The text goes on to point out that “this is not ‘by chance’” but rather planned every step of the way. Billboards just outside the city limits proclaimed, “If it Has Everything, It Must Be Coral Springs!”

Then, in the 1990s, the City began using the “Suntree” logo, an abstract representation featuring the outlines of a yellow sun and a green tree.

After receiving the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2007, Coral Springs became known as a Community of Excellence. City officials decided that the golden anniversary would be a perfect time to launch a new brand and celebrate the community we have all come to love. Branding a city not only helps to create a sense of pride, but also has a potential impact on the economic stability of the residential and business communities.

After more than a year of research and brainstorming, the City had a new logo and tagline: “Coral Springs: Everything Under the Sun.” Coral Springs is proactively becoming a destination of choice for businesses, visitors and families. The logo is a fresh take on some of the consistent themes that appeared in our previous brand themes and logos. While the look might be more modern, the concept is tried and true.

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